Hanging Basket and Patio Plants in Pots.

The majority of our Basket and Patio plants range is produced from cutting raised material, and supplied in pots. We have our own printed pots that make a refreshing change from the usual terracotta pot and which helps to instantly draw attention to the plants in retail outlets. This pot is used for our 9cm and 10.5cm production and are all barcoded, so plants are 'ready to go' onto the sales bench. For larger plants such as geraniums, we produce these in traditional terracotta 13cm pots.

We buy our cutting raised plant material from over 5 different suppliers - selecting the best varieties from each. Should our catalogue not list what you are looking for, we are pretty sure we can source it for you.

For Summer, there are lots more choices in plants available to you, from the reliability of Geraniums, Petunia and Busy Lizzys to more formal displays of Marigolds, Salvias, Lobelia. We are always trialing new varieties whether it be for a longer flowering period or improved garden performance.

The vast majority of our stock is now barcoded and 'ready to go', meaning you can have a delivery later in the week without the worry of pricing up each item.