Wholesale Bedding Plants from Howicks Nurseries.

Howicks Nurseries is a family owned nursery business which has grown over the last 25 years to become the East Midlands premier wholesale growers of bedding plants, basket and patio plants, vegetable plants. We also produce an ever-increasing range of finished ready planted containers and hanging baskets.

Based just a few miles South of Nottingham, just off junction 24 of the M1, we benefit from the excellent transport links, enabling us to give our customers the service they require.

Supplying plants to the wholesale trade, the large range of seasonal plants is offered at competitive prices, whilst expertise handed down from generation to generation ensures the highest quality of product, and that’s what keeps our customers coming back for more.

About Us: We are wholesale suppliers of top quality bedding plants.

Howicks Nursery is situated in the heart of the East Midlands, based just off junction 24 of the M1 we benefit from the excellent transport links, enabling us to give our customers the service they require.

We are a family run company, starting life over 50 years ago as a mixed farm. Diversification in the early 1990’s lead us to starting the nursery which we have built up into the area’s premier wholesale nursery for the supply of bedding plants, vegetable plants, and finished ready planted containers to the local region.

Along with our dedicated team of staff, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We’ll only supply you with plants that we would be happy to buy ourselves! We produce a huge variety of plants for a large customer base. Customers include garden centres, smaller retailers, landscapers and local councils, and stately homes.

Unlike most nurseries who rely on bought in plants, the majority of our young plant propagation is still done in-house. We have precision sowing machines that place seeds directly into plug cells for the germination process. This takes place in a controlled area to ensure speedy and uniform germination.

The plugs once grown to an adequate size are then transplanted using modern transplanters. The finished packs / pots are then grown on before being delivered to the customer using our own nursery transport.

Customers include:

Garden Centres: This has always been and still remains our core business. We can deliver plants to garden centres, both large and small, for nearly 50 weeks of the year. Pack bedding plants are available in a range of both mixed and self colours, and we select our basket and patio plant range from the best varieties offered by our 5 young plant supliers.
With the growth of the ‘grow your own’ trend we also produce a choice of young vegetable plants in both PT packs and 9cm pots. See the availability list for what available this week…our minimum order is just 1 or 2 trollies depending on your location.

Smaller Growers / Retailers: Do you still like to grow some of your own stock, but prefer to stick to the plants you know you can grow well? We have a huge list of plants that will supplement your own production at the begining of the season, when it may not be profitable to turn on the heating, and the end of the season to re-stock those lines that you have sold out on.
Or are you a smaller store looking for a supplier of quality plants – our minimum order is only 1 or 2 trollies depending on your location.
For those retailers who don’t know your plants, we can give all the advice you need!

Landscapers: Do you have a planting contract you need to fulfill. We have experience in supplying plants for the largest of jobs! Whether its for 40 planted roadside barrier baskets or 40,000 bedding plants, we can help provide the right plants, at the right time, at the right price!
We currently provide plants to National Trust Gardens, Golf Courses, Racecouses, Business Grounds Maintenance and Pub Hanging Basket Suppliers.

Local Councils: Are you a Council looking for a competitive quote for your plants, or a variety that is not in the catalogues.