Pack Bedding.

An almost year round supply of Bedding Plants makes up the bulk of our plant production. We concentrate the majority of our seed raised plants in 'pack bedding' - depending on variety these will be in 4's, 6's, 9's or 12's.

Bedding plants will brighten up anyones home or premises, and provide a superb splash of colour. Choice of plant variety will depend on the time of year, and if unsure we can advise you in your choice.
For example, in the Autumn, you can buy the ever popular Winter Pansies, Violas, Polyanthus and outdoor Cyclamen with a range of winter foliage plants that will give you colour from the Autumn until late Spring, before making way for the Summer bedding plants.

For Summer, there are lots more choices in plants available to you, from the reliability of Geraniums, Petunia and Busy Lizzys to more formal displays of Marigolds, Salvias, Lobelia. We are always trialing new varieties whether it be for a longer flowering period or improved garden performance.

The vast majority of our stock is now barcoded and 'ready to go', meaning you can have a delivery later in the week without the worry of pricing up each item.